How Poker Strategy Can Change Your Game

Even in brutal wars, in which waves are atomized in a single lance from bright fire and the agitated world becomes the moon, planning is behind the frenzy. Master of warfare Sun Tzu recognized the importance of strategic use of resources and never underestimated what is best for poker, the strength of an opponent.

All of these lessons can be applied to poker. Even in the lower levels, if the moon is right, everyone can lose against everyone. Like the Roman holiday Saturnalia, there comes a day when what is is no longer.

Poker is all about cunningly providing resources, turning falsehoods, and pushing perceived benefits to the Nth degree.


Lessons are your friends to get long-lasting wisdom from hard-learned or other lessons. A quick look at the statistics after each session helps the day’s classes to germinate and ultimately blossom into beautiful dollar buds. It is a hackneyed statement with more accepted wisdom than it is due, but do not prepare and do not prepare.


In the dragon killer days past, it was okay to have only one strategy. Before all the knowledge of the known world was available at a glance, it seemed perfectly acceptable to learn the same sword swings and strokes that your father and his knew before him, as they had served since time immemorial.

Well, not so much. Modern gamers hoping for a run at the top must have both the ability to change their style in an instant and a strong selection of strategies that are ready to be used at all times.

There are numerous ways to get general strategies under control. You can give the classics your own twist as soon as the basic knowledge is absorbed. Any of the following are useful for newbies:

Online coaching – whether Skype or private Twitch sessions – many streamers offer this additional service to customers in order to generate income

  • Books, books and more books
  • Actually play. Nothing helps as much as experience.
  • If you’re just nervous about the live atmosphere of an upcoming tournament online, try your local games and get used to the changes

Without going too much into the basics, I will give a brief overview of some applicable strategies / useful advice:

Decision making: Always make good decisions. Even the best players have lost sessions. Your goal should not be to win every time or to leave the mics early, but to improve every session.

The math: gut is one way to do this, but the most definable way to increase your profit share is to learn the math. This most human game in particular is a mathematical challenge. If you know your numbers and percentages, use them to your advantage.

Avoid Tipping: Could appear obvious, but you won’t make better decisions if you lather up over the keyboard and curse your felt friends into the kingdom to come. Keep emotions away. Do you remember Star Trek dates that all cheer on maps? Why do you think that was? Three words; Emotions chip removal.

Meaningful bluffs: bluffing is great. If you pull the wool over people’s eyes and convince them of your deliberate half-truths, there is no better feeling. Every time I bluff successfully, I introduce myself as a red devil dancing on the jewelry from which I have freed these poor souls. But don’t be addicted to it, your bluffs must make sense to be successful. When bluffing, try to fold the opponent with the best hand. If you get a stinker, bluffing also gives you a second way to win without relying on the luck of the draw.

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