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Fast Fold Poker Strategy

Planning isn’t easy at walking pace, double at triple speed (double at triple sounds like racing language), but the speed is graceful. As Bruce Lee said, we have to be like water.

After we recently launched Rush & Cash, our own version of the Fast Fold formula, we thought we would give you a strategic edge.

What is fast fold poker?

Fast fold is when someone who pretends to be hard gets a punch and turns into a wrong article. That comes from my monthly column “Tough Guy”.

Fast Fold is like poker, but with a jet engine on hand it tears around the felt like a rubber ball, and before you know it, the money is yours again. Who can control such a mess? You can.

Like AoF, Fast-Fold reduces the game to the smallest parts, it plays one and then the next. After folding, you will be moved to a different table with a new group of opponents or practice goals.

Others have described it as ADHD poker, multitabling for quick. While the mechanics are still essentially poker, they change the game so much that even veteran veterans need new strategies.

Ways to win

In addition to the obvious how to be better than your opponents, telepathy or just luck, there are more sophisticated ways to get a higher win%:

  1. You sit at a new table after each hand, which means that you cannot collect solid read data during the game, which may seem disadvantageous. However, keep in mind that your opponents also have no information about you and your unique style. As we mentioned in our strategy blog, you need to take advantage of all of your benefits to the Nth degree. Since this is a relatively new introduction to our cornucopia of games, many players will be patient for observation purposes. Playing aggressively at the start is the perfect counter. Your bankroll will thank you
  2. From point 1 this can be used continuously; Change your play style every time, which makes it difficult to predict and prevent someone from reading confidently
  3. If your opponent is playing tight like a rocker boxer, stealing the blinds can become a treasure trove for winning. Expand your opening area and play as many hands as possible
  4. Being aware is the key to winning in each iteration, more here. If you play a lot of hands at the beginning, become picky towards the end and remain aggressive as a honey badger with all the hands you want to play

Zoom poker is a relatively new commodity. The strategies become more complex over time. Now is the best time to start finding the fish, stacking the rakeback and figuring out which strategy best suits your style and cunning.

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