Mindset Hacks: Poker Psychology

From tracking software to guidebooks to observing and carefully investigating, improving your graphics in the Post-Net world is easier than ever. A hundred years ago when you wanted to upgrade your electric vehicle, you had to sneak out of the bedroom window, rappel, make your way to the smoky tavern on the outskirts of the city that a mother had warned you about, and hope the roughhousers had their welcome hats that evening.

In the words of solipsists and, to a lesser extent, Ayn Rand, everything is due to the individual. Self-improvement efforts are the first step towards comprehensive change. Starting is often the hardest part of overcoming any mental hurdles that will cause you to trip over the threshold. However, your efforts will be in vain if you do not focus your teaching on the individual, namely you. It’s good and good to read an article about the top ten productivity apps Elon Musk has installed on his iPhone, but what works for the Space X CEO doesn’t have to work for you.

If you are a “feeling” type who finds periods of intense concentration, item 2 on this list can help you get rid of your burgeoning bad habits. If you are a regular patient who is able to sublime without problems, breathing techniques and mindfulness may be a helpful benefit to your lofty goals. No matter what type of player you are, take a moment to read through our list and find the technique that will take your game to the next level.


If the prodigy said it, it must be true. Breathing helps mindfulness. Some will resist the word and imagine that I have a hippie-new anger that is clearing encyclopedias off the shelf to make room for another Etsy crystal skull. However, the fact is that research shows that mindful breathing techniques are excellent tools to silence white noise in your head.

Breathing is not only important for life, although it cannot be said that it is not one of the main selling points. It has been scientifically proven to contribute to overall calm and emotional control. I puzzled myself at a table with two players where only one possible application is offered. Are you throwing in your lot with captain calm and his mindful breathing techniques or with coronary arteries and his pulsating forehead vein?

Poker can be emotional at best. Unfiltered happiness when you send a huge pot through your own ruse, unused anger when you are hit to the limit and you know it’s your fault. It’s war with cards instead of shotguns, but the old saying goes that cooler heads prevail and prevail means winning.

Practice your breathing, listen to your lungs and improve with exercise. Don’t let that stop you when your thoughts wander. Recognize that you have lost focus and focus on lifting and lowering your chest again. Over time, you will see results and, with decreasing effort, reach a deep focus until you, the diver, breathe coolly for the last time. Repeating the method changes the synapses of your brain until you are a truly felt Buddha.

Rubber Band Technique, or how I learned to stop worrying and break bad habits.

As is well known, Bruce Lee was not afraid of the man who kicked ten thousand, but of the man who kicked ten thousand times. Whether it’s poker, martial arts, gardening, or painting – repetition is the first step to becoming a demigod in your own discipline.

Since I have not tried it myself, I cannot immediately advocate this technique. If you can vouch for its effectiveness, please tweet us or let us know in the comments. I would love to hear from a convert of the Brothers of the Band. GGPoker is not responsible for digits that are lost during conversion therapy.

This method prompts the person who wants to get rid of unwanted habits to wrap a band around the wrist. The hand does not become as purple and withered as a flower in the fireplace, but enough to know that it is there. Every time your bad habit unwinds the cup, take the other hand, stretch a loop of the ribbon outward, and break it in again. Again, not enough to free the Evil Dead II-style hand, just enough to tell your brain that something is going on here. Your brain begins to form new associations and convinces your body of the bad habit that is the reason for these unpleasant bouts of temporary pain until one day you suddenly wake up and are completely rid of your neuroses.

It’s not graceful, but it’s scientific. History and technological progress have repeatedly proven to be easily programmable creatures. Only this time you’re hacking your own mainframe, not the evil CEOs of DoomCorps Inc. Though I have to admit that you vouch for a hack that wouldn’t look out of place alongside plague flagellants. Look at you, Agent Van Alden.


Stack up on the Wonder Gro and watch the thing with the pink veins come to life. There are two major schools of thought related to intelligence. Either the traits you were born with are permanent and captivating until now, or they can be improved and reforged for a new purpose. Does the opening act of life correspond to the beginning of an RPG with predefined character statistics or can you give an answer at any time? Can a fire mage ever throw shards of frost? If he believes it and has enough hypdrosophy points, yes.

Scientists and psychologists agree that a growth philosophy is more beneficial for an individual. The belief that the self can be changed through willpower and persistent determination is the cornerstone of greater success. To beat the best, you have to believe that you are the best yourself, or at least able to stand up and overcome any obstacle. Never forget, we are all made from the same creamy milk as the cosmos. Wittgenstein once said: “If we understand every single secret of the universe, there is still the eternal secret of the human heart.” No matter how threatening the signs are, things can always change for the better.

You are never too old to learn something new. The meat is fragile, but the brain remains malleable like wet concrete and eager like a payday shark in the fish factory. Why wait until there’s nothing left of your brain than a mass of electric chewing gum? There has never been a better time than now to read the book you avoid, sign up for this night course, buy the toolkit, and build the shed you’ve always wanted. Before you know it, you will easily be able to record new, increasingly complex information until you master the subject you have chosen with ease and without surprise.

Embracing the Grind

You cannot get to Carnegie Hall without practice. You think Jimi Hendrix spent his teenage weekends being the coolest man alive? Hell no, he was sitting there picking his guitar from morning to night and then and only then was he incarnated great. The road to fame is full of tears and effort.

Progress requires the adept to learn to love the grind. Big wins, tournament wins, explosions of bankrolls, all of these things are part of the poker experience, but the real poker is in the closed-minded learning sessions, the hours of stateful concentration, and the evenings spent on graphics like a crazy penny stick stares seller. DC said it best, you have to accept the grind.

Daily play is an essential part of long-term success. Even if it only takes an hour, repetition is the key to brain hacking. Once poker is part of your regular rotation, every time you take a seat you will feel the essence of the game flowing through your veins like newborn fire. I find it easiest to find this sluggish, quickly twitching concentration in deep silence. You may prefer soothing music, a nice pulsating background rhythm to conduct the charge, but music without text, possibly a little light classical, is best for your concentration. Set your “you” time aside every day, put your phone in airplane mode and really get to know these graphics.

It’s not like flipping a switch, but it will certainly be easier. Over time, you can switch from airy normality to calculated redemption at lightning speed. As a fidgety man who switches between deep concentration and childish restlessness, I know from experience how difficult it is to incorporate a foreign entity into your sacred everyday life, but with measured practice, the brain will accept and recognize and give this new force as second nature This cool, practiced edge that every shark dreams of.


I’m sorry to bring bad news. If you haven’t spent your hours doing daily ayahuasca ceremonies, the hardline newbies could make fun of: “Your pineal gland isn’t up to the task,” but damn it, maybe there is something in this quackery.

If the printed word “visualization” doesn’t tint your inner alarm bells violently, you can consider shrinking. I heard Shutter Island offers good service. Visualization, as Oprah defines it, is Codswallop. There are a million ways to make a million dollars. Sitting at home and greedily imagining which of your enemies falls first when the check is cleared is not one of them. Laws of attraction, declaring your will, doing what you want with the cosmos in full support, throwing your loads on the infinite buzz of the big bang that echoes endlessly through the eons can feel very liberating, but correlate with them a million dollar bankroll the line? Let’s take a look.

By visualization we mean the method by which the mind can be convinced of things that are not yet true, but could be true in the future. You have to start small. Perhaps convince yourself that you are the best hold’em player at a certain limit, and with limited success, your brain will accept these triggers and the lie will slowly become true. Boom! Suddenly you ask yourself: “Where does this new trust and smile come from?”

Perception is a reality. If the outside world is a projection of your inner state, the logic for visualization applies. What you say to your brain is true. When you feel in the garbage dumps, the world often changes according to your mood, but of course we know that the world has not changed, you did. When you tell the brain that things are good, we trust ourselves to be great.

The Fortress of the Mind

So there you have it. Six important tips for your mental game. Anyone who is successful in their chosen field will confirm the importance of mental play, even with the most physical endeavors. Take, for example, fighting customs and micro-movements. Though it is very physical, the greatest fighters who leave their own sport behind swear in the spirit of the stream of mind, swear that an iron spirit hits an iron chin. When you are happy with yourself, your skills, and your decision making, no one else can upset you.

Without your best breastplate, you would not dare to engage in close combat. You wouldn’t ski without a helmet. Why should you visit the poker battlefields with less than your best foot forward? Arm your mind, be the best you can be, and the money will flow in immediately, more generously with every clink.

There you have it. What did we miss? Maybe you’re a roganite and swear by tanks for sensory deprivation. Let us know how they helped your poker game.

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