Biggest Live Poker Scandals

Nothing is more exciting than a scandal. A scandal in Bohemia for Sherlock Holmes. A scandal in the tabloid press that was always popular with the gossip. The scandal is a primal element, like fear and creation itself;

We can trace the history of the scandal back to ancient times with embarrassed Roman aristocrats and before them embarrassed Etruscans, embarrassed Greeks, scarlet Assyrians and embarrassed Arcadians. We fear and love the scandal to the same extent and are happy to enjoy someone else’s misfortune while silently praying that no shame will harm our reputation.

We love drama. When a wrist is accidentally moved and an upsleeve card is fired at the felt, we feel joy and excitement with anger and distrust. Our ears pierce the sheer drama of everything. Scandal will exist beyond the tabloid era, when we are all plugged into the matrix with wires that pop open like iron dreadlocks and connect the brain to the PC, and transistors that spread across our foreheads like Seven of Nine still looking for dirty secrets.

1. The Thousand Eyes of Ali Tekintamgac

Before the Partouche Poker Tour 2019 debacle, which we ominously refer to as “the event” or rather “the fool at Partouche”, the sky didn’t seem enough to overturn Ali Tekintamgac, WPT winner and respected poker veteran of to stop fulfilling his ambitions. How quickly the tide is turning and happiness is fading, Ali has gone from being a popular professional to becoming a fraudulent fraudster in a single event, which has been rejected by industry professionals, peers, and the entire online community.

I am legally obliged to explain the following: Ali then fought hard against his name, but the (alleged) facts remain the (alleged) facts. Ali is accused of hiring false bloggers to give agreed signals for different hands, which basically gives Ali a divine view of the plot, and the whole thing was (allegedly) captured on camera.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that this saga has a hint of Varys the Spider and its little birds, a master of whisperers with a thousand ears who strive for every word spoken within the walls of the Red Fortress. Alis Spotters were able to experience up close under the guise of filming a feature film. Ali was disqualified after reaching the main event. Many well-known professionals, including DNegz, spoke out against his behavior.

Crazy stuff, you can’t imagine cheating so blatantly these days, but it’s just a stone’s throw to plant your coughing friends in the millionaire crowd and hope that Chris Tarrant will leave his hearing aids on the sink. As I said, the above events must be viewed as supposed until the whole truth is revealed, but rumor has it that 2 + 2 forums knew about the scam that was happening to the wider poker world, including the organizers and actively investigated, became aware of.

2. The Curious Case of Christian’s Counterfeit Chips

Unlike the thousand-eyed Ali, Christian served time for his Dostoevsky-style crimes. Christian Lusardi, who had only been involved in a scandal that shook the poker world to the last stroke in 2014, made sure that his name’s black hit persisted as he tried to bluff through the winter of the Borgata Open the tournament by inserting false $ 2.7 million chips into the tournament. This led to an interruption of the action when the organizers discovered the fraudulent stack of 27 players.

After the initial investigation, further counterfeit chips were discovered that were clogged in the toilet and cistern of Lusardi’s hotel bathroom, such as those scenes of cops in which drug dealers messily try to remove incriminating evidence with the help of an available exit, including passages and Wash basins and garbage disposal channels. The eagles said it best; You can check out at any time, but these chips can never leave. Many found that Lusardi would have been released with a single tap on the wrist if a conviction for selling fake films had not previously been imposed, which would have resulted in an extended, but ultimately unsatisfactory, sentence.

As for the 27 players who were just starting when the tournament ended prematurely, many remained embittered when they competed for the life-changing amounts and instead settled for a meager contingent of $ 19,000 and $ 50 respectively. This sucks back the fee with a $ 500 buy-in, compared to the generous $ 2 prize pool that was originally offered. To date, the aftermath of Lusardi’s actions have gone down in poker history, and many fear that a similar situation could lead to innocent players being punished for rapscallions’ actions, sorry, my French. Check your chips, folks!

3. Jamie ‘Withholds’ Gold

Veterans will remember when Jamie Gold confirmed GRRM’s claim that “gold hands are always cold”. It is 2006. Our world appears to be gentler without fighting the tribes on social media and the daily fake news epidemics. The professionals Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser have reached an agreement. If Leyser could force celebrities participating in the World Series to wear merch sponsored by Bodog, Jamie Gold would split his winnings like a shared doll between brave children, with $ 6 million being the ultimately controversial number.

Crispin convinced Matthew Lilliard of SLC Punk and Scooby Doo to wear hats and shirts throughout the process. Jamie also played his role, at least in part, fine; He won the money, but when Crispin started collecting, Gold denied that a formal settlement had ever been reached. When you consider that some people go crazy on a quid, $ 6 million is the cork in the whale’s blowhole that they have gotten to know so well.

After a lengthy lawsuit in which Gold claimed the deal was just a favor between friends, promising less a strict agreement than an informal one, evidence in the form of a voicemail became known, indicating that Gold and Crispin were non-disclosures Agreement: Gold promises Crispin no less than half of its money. This evidence finally allowed Crispin to obtain an injunction to freeze his share of the funds.

In the end, Gold and Crispin reached an out-of-court settlement with an undisclosed sum that was paid to end this short but intense hand-to-hand fight, which ultimately led Bodog to give up all membership and partnership with gold in the future. Lannisters don’t always pay their debts.

4. Jonathan Epstein’s 2011 Gender Madness

Certainly, this article will divert attention from the more unsavory case of Epstein, who is currently sweeping the media with dark implications of banned practices on the private islands of the world elite, but Epstein’s final table run at the 2011 Ladies World Series was reason enough for controversy. Robert Graves says that you despise anyone who despises the omniscient will of the White Goddess, and Epstein did just that by stepping into the forbidden grove of female events in which no man had yet dared. Epstein got his share of trouble from the entire poker community because angry posters flocked to social sites to express their discontent. Even Epstein’s own sister claimed that she didn’t know whether she was proud or disgusted – we think disgusted.

In 2011, there was no Vegas law that prevented men from participating in women’s competitions, but only a common moral law that high-ranking and athletic people knew better than trying to do, with the exception of Epstein. Though many experts sexually referred to Epstein’s faux pas when trying to look virtuous, it would not be legitimate to declare your winnings at a tournament for women only and to announce other male poker players. The tremendous controversy prompted the World Series organizers, along with the casino owners, to ratify laws preventing men from signing up for women in the future. Given the current climate of gender politics and the war for equality, it is fortunate for Epstein that his foray into women happened before the world’s sensitivity was more attuned to the plight of the oppressed or the struggle for independence.

During the tournament, which Epstein ended in ninth place for $ 13,000, the audience got the best impression of a goose that hissed and breathed every hand he played. Even the commentators joined the ribs and ridiculed him for being “single and unemployed”. What is cooler than being cool? Freezing.

Eventually Epstein lost and asked the commentators to announce “Finally welcome to THE Ladies Event!” While Epstein was less serious than other scandals in our dirty countdown, he has earned a not-so-great reputation from which he has not yet distanced himself.

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