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PokerList Offering a Free 2018 Battle of Malta Main Event Seat

PokerList, the indispensable app on any poker player’s smartphone, has just announced that it will award a seat for the € 1,000,000 guaranteed Battle of Malta Main Event 2018. Would you like to stay up to date on which poker tournaments or cash games are being played in your neighborhood and at your favorite travel destinations? In this case, the PokerList Mobile App is something you absolutely must have on your smartphone! It can be downloaded for free and is useful for poker players and enthusiasts across Europe.

The poker room and casino database of the PokerList mobile app continues to grow. There are now more than 2,000 European gambling destinations listed. Recently added mobile app countries include Belgium and the Netherlands. So, if you travel to these two great countries, you can now experience a lot of poker action. In addition to the major international tournament series, the app also lists all the local poker tournaments that take place at each venue. It’s the perfect solution you need, whether you prefer small stakes, small-stake poker or large buy-in promotions.

Whether you travel frequently or rarely in Europe, if you are interested in poker, you will appreciate the PokerList App Events section, where you will find interesting and attractive poker festivals that are on the annual schedule. That way, you can check weeks or even months in advance to plan your poker holiday to overlap with great poker festivals in your destinations.

In addition, PokerList includes integrated navigation that helps you find and reach the casinos and poker rooms you want to visit on your travels. Sometimes it can be difficult to find them. That’s why the PokerList app is a great way to make sure you do not have to get lost in a new city.

In addition to all the information on daily tournaments, live cash games, poker festivals, and venues, PokerList also provides contact information for each venue so you can contact them directly and ask management and floor staff about the games. Hospitality and all the other questions you might have.

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