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PokerStars Launch Social Gaming App in USA and Australia

Do you think you can not play online poker in the US or Australia? Think again. PokerStars has re-launched its social gaming app as a “play”. The app is not intended for real money games, but offers all the thrills and horrors of poker and casino games in an elegant and social online environment. The app was first released in the US in August 2017, followed by a release in the Australian and then worldwide markets.

Bringing Social Gaming to the USA and Australia

PokerStars has not been on the US market since April 2011 when real money games were banned on Black Friday. The company’s real-money platform has been available in New Jersey since March 2016. Apart from that, however, the operation was discontinued in the US. More recently, PokerStars withdrew from the Australian market after new legislation was introduced that makes real money games as good as history.

But PokerStars seeks to maintain its presence in markets where real money gaming is no longer allowed and to expand its position in the area of ​​social gaming, an area that, according to a report titled Social Gaming Market, Global Industry Analysis Social Games – Global Branch Analysis) are expected to reach $ 17.4 billion by 2019.

Their first social gaming app was released in 2013 with “Jackpot Poker”. The app had no real effect. The new App Play builds on the insights of Jackpot Poker and proves to be a success so far. The PokerStars app is of course still available to players who live in countries where real money games are legitimate. The real money app offers the same games and features as the desktop application, including many types of cash and tournament poker.

The Play App

PokerStars’ Play is a free app for in-app purchases. Players receive a daily chip bonus of up to 100,000 play money chips to enjoy the games. However, you can also buy additional chips if you wish. The app features a number of free poker games, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Spin & Go tournaments.

For lovers of casino games, there are also slots and slot mini-games and casino card games in the app.

Play offers new mobile features and new ways for players to compete and celebrate profits. Players can step up, compete with Facebook friends, and participate in VIP poker leagues. These hold’em clubs offer cup games and weekly state and country leaderboards. Players can take trophies home and unlock new features by rating and winning games. This may be play money, but it is just as exciting and competitive as playing!

Responding to Market Forces

One of the key market forces when it comes to casino and poker games is legislation. PokerStars and other game providers must respond to changes that allow or prohibit real-money games. For example, PokerStars recently entered the Indian market with, offering localized poker events in most Indian states.

In summary, the social gaming app Play is a response to the ban on real money games in the US and more recently in Australia. PokerStars’ Play offers players in these countries the opportunity to participate in the games they love without having to make real money transactions. The app is now available for iOS and Android.

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