Are you looking for the best books to learn poker?

Poker is a great psychological game. It’s an easy-to-learn skill game, but the path to mastery is long and difficult. There are so many other concepts and techniques in poker as basic fundamentals and strategies that a player needs to learn in order to survive in the competitive world of poker for a long time.

To ensure maximum fun and maximum profits in real money games and tournaments, a player must properly understand issues such as game selection, time management, bankroll management, table positions, and so on. It is also important to recognize the psychological features that are present, ie, observation, emotion control, patience, and critical thinking are essential to achieving your goal. You can learn a lot about the game from the books written by great poker players who have become authors of their gaming table experience.

We’ve compiled a list of the most influential poker strategy books ever written. Not only can these books enhance your personality as a poker player, but also take your gameplay to the next level.

Harrington on Hold’em

The book was written by Dan Harrington and contains some of the best theories and strategies you can use when playing at different levels of a poker tournament (how you react to Reraises, become illegible, and change the betting patterns to your specifications) Table, etc). It fixes the most common problem of poker players: they repeatedly make the same mistakes involuntarily, because they follow a predictable game pattern and do not develop their own unique style of play.

Elements of Poker

Tommy Angelo talks about poker strategies in a unique way. This book is not about how to apply probability and mathematical concepts such as pot odds and hand range in the game. It’s about playing with a cool and calm mind and making rational decisions without being influenced by emotions. The focus of the book is primarily to explain to readers how they can do their best at the gaming tables and make big profits.

Every Hand Revealed

The winner of 3 open WPT titles, professional poker player Gus Hansen, has a career gain in excess of $ 10 million. In the book, Hansen details the story of over 300 hands he received at the 2007 Aussie Millions, where he overtook 747 players to win the $ 1.2 million grand prize. He revealed the mathematical and probabilistic concepts he used in the game to win the victory over his rivals.

Super System

The first book of the legendary Doyle Brunson, “Super System”, was released in 1978. In the book, he shared with readers everything he needed to become a successful poker player. The book is also known as “the holy grail of poker strategy,” not just as the “Godfather of Poker” but also as one of the best poker players of its time, such as David Sklansky, Mike Caro, Joey Hawthorne and the late David “Chip” Reese and Bobby Baldwin revealed their success secrets at the gaming tables.

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells

Reading “tells” is one of the key success factors in poker. Mike Caro gives valuable insights into how to observe and analyze an opponent’s behavior based on his body language, his expression and his movements in a live poker game, to anticipate the strength of his cards and how to use that knowledge against him.

You can learn a lot from others’ experiences by reading books. Some books help to better understand the basic principles of poker, and some books deal with advanced tactics and strategies that can be used in a high stakes poker tournament. We can not compare one book to another because each book is aimed at different players with different levels of knowledge (beginners, advanced or experts). So choose a good book that suits your interests and abilities, as it will teach you many useful things and help you to build a solid foundation for your game.

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