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9 Special Things about the Upcoming 50th World Series of Poker

The 2018 World Series of Poker recorded a record 123,865 entries with a massive total prize pool of $ 266,889,193. According to statistics from, the average bracelet winner won $ 655,337 and the average prize pool per event was $ 3,421,656. Will we see that these amazing numbers are outperformed this year at the 50th annual World Series of Poker?

The WSOP 2019 will be held May 28 through July 16 and will be held again at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are 80 live bracelet events, and the celebrations traditionally begin with the $ 500 Casinos Employee Event. Nearly 500 poker tables are set up in an area of ​​over 100,000 square meters to accommodate the thousands of players from all over the world.

Let’s take a closer look at the schedule for 2019 and see what peculiarities the organizers of this extraordinary festival have for the poker world this year.

1. A record-breaking WSOP Main Event?

Last year, the main event attracted a huge field of 7,874 players, each spending $ 10,000 to fight for the poker’s most prestigious prize. It was the second biggest event in the history of the event and was surpassed by the unbelievable number of 8,773 players in 2006 at the height of the poker boom.

The game starts on the 3rd of July with day 1A, a late registration is possible until the beginning of day 2! In addition, players receive 60,000 starting chips, the largest amount in the history of the event. If this year’s incarnation attracts a record-breaking field, you might be able to bet on deals like this bookmaker.

A new record seems pretty unlikely, but cracking the milestone of 8,000 players is certainly within reach.

2. $5 million guaranteed for a $500 buy-in rake-free event

One of the special events planned this year is the “Big 50” with a buy-in of $ 500 and a guaranteed prize pool of $ 5 million, with the winner taking home $ 1,000,000. The Big 50 take place on the opening weekend of the WSOP with four take-off flights starting on May 30th and are – at an unprecedented pace – free of rake.

A new entry per take-off flight is permitted. Note, however, that only the first entry does not contain rake. It is also noteworthy that there will be four second days, with the entire field being combined for the first time only on the third day. With 50,000-chip start stacks and 50-minute levels, the officials count on five matchdays and a winner on June 7, crowned.

3. $50,000 High Roller event

Another tournament specifically designed to celebrate the 50th round of the WSOP is the $ 50,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller Event. It starts on May 31st and will take place over four game days. Players start with 300,000 chips and there are hourly levels. Look for a larger than average field to play this, because in addition to a prize pool that is likely to approach eight numbers, there is also the prestige of a bracelet to fight for.

4. Big blind antes and fewer re-entries

As proof that the WSOP officials are at the pulse of the poker world, paying close attention to players’ suggestions and player feedback, only one event will allow for unlimited re-entry, the Crazy Eights event ($ 888,888 GTD with a buy-in of $ 888)). In addition, all No Limit Hold’em events are played using the Big Blind Ante system.

“There are many exciting changes in the business … If there is one major change, it is of value. We hear the screams for more value and strive to make it more effective this year. Another is reentry / unlimited reentry. Try to make sure that more events are a freezeout, and use the one-time reentry more often than unlimited. More chips will be a topic for our events this year. Said WSOP vice president for corporate communications, Seth Palansky.

5. $1,000 Mini Main Event

A completely new event on the program, scheduled for July 1 and 2, is the mini-main event. It’s a great prelude to the main course. The structure of the tournament should correspond to that of the main event. Especially since there are many players who find it almost impossible or out of the question to raise $ 10,000, this offers a much lower price to those who want a “main event-like experience”.

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