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How Thinking Like a Poker Player Can Boost Your Career

The professional poker players usually do not wait for the good things to come to them. They just go out and let them happen. To be a winner, you have to master the skills, the psychology and the strategy. It’s not just about good timing. But what does that have to do with your career? Investigations on successful players show that the right approach to the game distinguishes the poker stars from the suckers. The same characteristics can distinguish high-flyers in the workplace from all others. So let’s start thinking like a Texas Holdem top poker pro and treat your career like a game you want to win.

Learn From the Mistakes

At work we all make mistakes. But what will you do about it? In poker, a player who does not learn from his mistakes is always a losing player. The best players can learn from their own mistakes and that makes them the best. Follow these advices and identify where you are wrong. Do not deny your mistake. Embrace it. Each time you learn from your mistakes and improve your skills, you will become a stronger candidate for promotion.

Stay Disciplined

Selbstdisziplin und Konzentration bei der Arbeit zu verlieren, ist eines der einfachsten Dinge. Wir alle werden selbstgefällig und verfallen in schlechte Gewohnheiten. Freddie Gasparian, ein Pokerspieler, sagt, dass man Disziplin und Geduld beherrschen sollte, um Poker zu meistern und profitabel zu machen, da der Mangel an beiden eine Katastrophe ist. Sein Rat ist ganz klar, d. H. Schalten Sie nicht aus und lassen Sie Ihre Konzentration nicht nach. Die Marge zwischen Verlieren und Gewinnen kann in einem Spiel in Ordnung sein. Mangel an Disziplin kann katastrophal sein, bleiben Sie also scharf. Seien Sie diszipliniert, wenn es darum geht, eine Routine aufrechtzuerhalten, die gute Arbeit fördert. Versuchen Sie, gute Gewohnheiten zu entwickeln, genug Schlaf zu bekommen, eine ruhige, hydratisierte und organisierte Arbeitsumgebung zu bewahren.

Keep a Level Head

In a game like poker, losing control is worse than losing concentration. Lack of focus can make you sloppy. But losing control can lead to unpredictable, ruinous and reckless gambling. William J. Florence, a poker player, sums it up well that you should never lose control, not with those you play with or with whom you have cards. It’s a feeling shared by many players. Katy Lederer says the main sin in poker is emotionally involved. Free poker games are not a game for hotheads. It takes cool thinking to get to the top of the game. Stay up to date on frustrations and setbacks in the workplace.

Make Winning Decisions, Not Unlucky Decisions

Sometimes you are lucky at work. It’s great, but hot strips do not last. To be successful at work, you should start thinking about the success of a poker player. The player thinks about winning decisions and not just winning the money. If you can make good decisions, this leads to a so-called positive expectation. This means that good decisions must be made objectively rather than making good decisions. You will be a winner in the long term. So think about the expected value at work. Are they negative or positive? Can you justify making a good phone call or just hoping to be lucky?

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