Phil Ivey is the Biggest Loser of Online Poker in 2015


Phil Ivey is that one name every online poker player is aware of. But 39-year-old Ivey, who was making it high in the world of online poker, seems to have had a bad luck this year. The poker pro has lost around $3.7 million in 2015, being this year’s biggest loser in the online poker world.

Ivey has lost almost $2.4 million on PokerStars and approximately 1.2 million on Full Tilt Poker in 2015. This has been the biggest contribution to his loss this year.

But he has something to console himself about. Ivey has accumulated an amount of $1.7 million from the live tournaments he played this year. He has nailed the Macau high stakes cash games reports suggest. His total earning from the live tournament career is somewhere near $23 million, which is quite a good earning.

Ivey has used the same on screen name since 2012 – “Polarizing”. But it did not bring him much success in online poker recently as he had in the past. In fact, his deficit of $2.4 million last year was exceeded only by Gus Hansen, who is known as the legendary online poker looser.

Phil Ivey will be up for a Poker Hall of Fame election in 2016, and this year’s result might add up to his struggles that came to him at a very bad time.

His massive losses might be disheartening but just to brush up the memory; Ivey is 10-times WSOP bracelet winner. Even the pros can have bad times this proves.

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