WPT Ties-Up with Adda52.com to Bring the WPT Experience to Millions in India

Adda52 WPT ties

There are some interesting times in store for the Indian poker industry as World Poker Tour recently announced an international brand licensing agreement with Adda52.com. This partnership entails exclusive product licensing and services which mean Adda52.com are authorized to sell and create WPT merchandise. They also can use the WPT brand to garner local sponsorships.…

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Delta Corp to Open a New Live Casino in Sikkim

Delta Corp to Open a New Live Casino in Sikkim

The fact that the casino and gambling industry in our country is booming needs no further proof than the fact that an all-new casino is to be set up in the North East. One of the largest gaming companies and the owner of multiple casino vessels in Goa, Delta Corp, are all set to open…

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Maharashtra Government to ponder over the Casino Act of 1976


According to the latest reports to come in, the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by Jay Satya last year has finally garnered a response from the Maharashtra Government. As stated by Satya, the matter is now being looked into and being taken up by the state and the mechanisms are now in process. The Maharashtra…

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First Cash Game Festival in London Proves to be a Huge Success


The first Cash Game Festival to take place in the United Kingdom went off without a glitch and can be termed as having been an absolute success. Players from all across the world were seen competing in both high and low stakes games for a continuous 120 hours spread out over 5 days from the…

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Offshore Casinos in Goa Willing to Shift Onshore

Offshore Casinos in Goa

According to the latest reports coming from Goa, the casino industry has made an announcement that they are willing and ready to shift from the existing offshore operations but they have one condition. The condition is that the casinos want to be provided with onshore licenses and licenses to run live games as well. Until…

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Deadlock Over the Location of the Offshore Casinos in Goa

Casinos in Goa

As the much talked about deadline (31st March) to shift the offshore casinos of Goa has come and gone, the government has yet to come up with and identify an alternate location for these casinos to continue their businesses. In a recent interview, the Chief Minister of Goa was quoted as saying that the cabinet…

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An Innovative Poker Game to Lure in More Recreational Players

the lord of poker

Three months into the New Year and each and every development this year, and those of the past has always been in an attempt to fulfill one target – generate more recreational players in the field of poker. From the launch of HoldemX to the introduction of StarCoins with numerous new VIP programs by those…

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Deltin Royale Sees a Minor Management Shuffle

Deltin royale management change

In a formal announcement, Amin Rozani, Head of Poker operations in Deltin Royale Poker Lounge has declared that he will be taking a step back and handing over the reins of everyday operations to his younger brother, Vasim Rozani. It was back in November 2014, which had seen a change in management and ushered in…

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PokerStars Hikes Rake to Match those of Competitors

Pokerstars increases rake

The Amaya Inc. Company along with PokerStars, one of the world’s biggest poker sites, in a constant effort to maximize profit have decided to increase the rake in a select number of games. In a recent public announcement, PokerStars stated that after having conducted a review of their current business environment and the various pricing…

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Indian Poker Championship and Deltin Royale Set Records with WRI

IPC sets world record

The return of the India Poker Championship (IPC) in 2015 has kick-started a renewed vigor in the domestic live poker landscape. Their events have made and broken records in terms of attendance and prize pools along with setting the bar higher for everyone else to follow. As a result, IPC and the host venue, Casino…

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